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Sample optomechnical part

Optomechanical engineering

Key services

  • Design review based on custom requirements and specifications

  • Develop engineering trade-off research and tolerance budget

  • Manufacturability evaluation

  • Measurement design development and test data analysis

  • Complete engineering report, including all design documents, drawings, engineering analyses, manufacturability evaluation, and measurement recommendations

In precision optical systems, the slightest deficiency in opto-mechanical design will impair the performance of the most sophisticated optical components. When customizing optics, many clients neglect the impact of opto-mechanical design shortcomings to the overall system. Beamera's design and optimization services can help prevent prototyping/ design pitfalls.

First and foremost, our engineering team seeks to fully understand your optical goals and the system performance requirements. Before proposing a mechanical structural design, our team will gain in-depth insights about your application needs through a series of technical communication. This investment in the preliminary design phase is critical for the efforts in setting the appropriate opto-mechanical design constraints based on the system function. These constraints enable us to convert the precision optical components into a high-performance and reliable optical system.

We design mechanical and optomechanical components, assemblies, systems and products as a whole. Our goal is to realize customers ideas by leveraging expertise in areas including but not limited to optomechanical tolerancing, optics mounting, athermal design, adhesives, lubricants, vacuum compatible design, precision motion and finite element analysis.

Our designs are set to deliver the required performance and be ready to manufacture. We rely on practical experience with traditional as well as more novel and even exotic manufacturing methods such as turning, milling, grinding, heat treatment, laser and water jet cutting, wire EDM cutting, 3D printing, laser welding, chemical milling, electroforming, and various finishing techniques (anodizing, plating, passivation, electrochemical polishing, chromate conversion coating, PVD coating, etc.). We help our clients set off on their manufacturing journey through our wide network of partners and contractors.

If you have an idea and you would like some help turning it into reality – let us know.

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