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High Power Zoom Beam Reducers 0.6x - 0.8x


  • Diffraction limited performance

  • ​Beam reduction range 0.6x - 0.8x

  • 343, 355, 515, 532, 1030, 1064 nm

  • Sliding lens design

  • <1 mrad beam wander

  • Lenses made from fused silica

  • No internal foci

  • LIDT:

  • >25 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 100 Hz

  • >5 J/cm2 @ 532 nm, 10 ns, 100 Hz

  • >2 J/cm2 @ 355 nm, 10 ns, 100 Hz

Standard items


Beamera presents cost effective variable beam reducer for high power applications. It features three main advantages that help to stand out from the competition:

·         Sturdy mechanical design

·         Fine divergence adjustment

·         Compact size

Variable beam reducer features 0.6x - 0.8x beam reduction range, that can be continuously zoomed along the range. Product is available for 1-st, 2-nd & 3-rd harmonics of both Neodymium and Ytterbium laser lines. Divergence adjustment solution is embedded in the system to allow for smooth and fine divergence adjustment compensation, which is crucial in laser machining process fine-tuning.

Zoom beam reducer is designed to comply strict stability, robustness and pricing requirements that are inflicted by industrial lasers applications, which makes it suitable for both – industrial and demanding scientific use.

Main applications for 0.6x-0.8x zoom beam reducer are laser microfabrication with moderate-to high powers (e.g. surface structuring, 2 photon polymerization, cutting, drilling).

Even though max recommended beam size is rather small, beam reducers will work fine with rather high power beams because of advanced lens surface treatment technology and optomechanical design.

Estimated power levels that beam expander will work fine with:

  • 1st harmonic >100W;

  • 2nd harmonic  >50W;

  • 3rd harmonic  >10W.

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